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Welcome to the
Guided Tour through the EAGLE Layout Editor!

This tour will take you through all the major steps from drawing a schematic over routing the board to finally generating your CAM data - and beyond!

Now you can either Start the Tour or jump directly to the section that interests you most and continue the tour from there:

  1. Drawing the schematic
  2. Checking the schematic
  3. Creating the board
  4. Placing the parts
  5. Routing the signals
  6. Editing the board
  7. Autorouter
  1. Checking the board
  2. Fine tuning the project
  3. Copper pouring
  4. Producing CAM data
  5. User Language
  6. Defining library parts
  7. Conclusions
Pictures shown in the Guided Tour were taken from EAGLE version 4.1 for Windows®.
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