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Non-Profit License

CadSoft offers special conditions for EAGLE users who need more power than provided by the Freeware Edition, but don't want to spend the full price of the Standard Edition. Since these users are typically hobbyists, this special license is granted on a non-profit base, which means that it must not be used in any commercial context. Or, in plain English: you must not earn any money by using this special non-profit EAGLE license.

The non-profit license is a single user license that enables all the features of the EAGLE Standard Edition (limited to six signal layers and 160x100mm routing area) with all three modules (Layout+Schematic+Autorouter).

The price for this special license is US$ 125.-.


When ordering this special non-profit version of EAGLE, please fill out and sign this form, in which you declare that you will adhere to the non-profit nature of this license, and add this form to your order. Without this signed form we cannot process your order.

Non-profit licenses are issued exclusively to individual, private users. There can be only one such license per user.

Pricing shown is valid only in the United States of America.
Please contact your local dealer to obtain the pricing information in your local currency.

EAGLE runs on Windows®, Linux® and Mac® platforms.

German prices

Prices given are in US$, plus postage and packaging. Prices subject to change without notice.
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