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Pricing shown is valid only in the United States of America.
If you are located outside the USA, please contact your local dealer to obtain the pricing information in your local currency.

Update prices for existing licenses can be determined through our Online Order Form.

EAGLE Light (Limitations: 1 schematic sheet, 2 signal layers, 100x80mm routing area)

Modules 1-User      
Layout+Schematic+Autorouter 49.--       

EAGLE Standard (Limitations: 99 schematic sheets, 6 signal layers, 160x100mm routing area)

Modules 1-User3-User 5-User 10-User30-User50-User
Layout+Schematic 498.--747.-- 996.-- 1494.--2241.-- 2988.--
Layout+Autorouter 498.--747.-- 996.-- 1494.--2241.-- 2988.--
Layout 249.--373.50 498.-- 747.-- 1120.501494.--
Schematic 249.--373.50 498.-- 747.-- 1120.501494.--

EAGLE Professional (Full featured version)

Modules 1-User 3-User 5-User 10-User30-User50-User
Layout+Schematic 996.-- 1494.--1992.--2988.--4482.--5976.--
Layout+Autorouter 996.-- 1494.--1992.--2988.--4482.--5976.--
Layout 498.-- 747.-- 996.-- 1494.--2241.--2988.--
Schematic 498.-- 747.-- 996.-- 1494.--2241.--2988.--

EAGLE runs on Windows®, Linux® and Mac® platforms.

It is not possible to combine modules from different editions (Light, Standard, Professional) or different numbers of users within one license!

Prices include free technical support. Multi user licenses may be installed on all computers of the license holder, at the location of the license holder, but may only be used simultaneously by at most the number of licensed users. Please contact your local dealer to obtain the latest pricing information in your local currency. Special discounts are available for schools and other educational facilities.

German prices

Prices given are in US$, plus postage and packaging. Prices subject to change without notice.
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