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Technical support

Technical support is free for registered EAGLE users. We believe that this is a very important fact that distinguishes CadSoft from other software vendors who make their users pay for every question they might have.

There are several ways to get technical support. First, please take a look at our list of frequently asked questions to see whether your particular question has already been answered.

If you have trouble with the material that has been delivered to you please contact your local dealer where you have purchased your copy of EAGLE.

If you experience problems using the software, you might want to discuss that issue with our technical support staff and/or other EAGLE users in the EAGLE Forum. Look through the existing messages in the forum to see whether your specific problem has already been discussed before.

Also, you might visit our download area to check if there are any new part libraries or program files that have become available since the delivery of your copy of EAGLE.

If all this does not help to solve your problem, you can always contact our U.S. office or our German office to either send e-mail, fax or talk to a human hotline operator. When contacting one of our offices for technical support, please supply your license serial number!

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