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You can use this form to upload a file to the CadSoft Download directory and make it available to other EAGLE users.

By uploading a file you document that this file may be freely downloaded, used and modified by anybody who wishes to do so, without any limitations whatsoever - unless your upload contains a statement about a certain license that applies to your files (like, e.g., the GNU Public License).

After you have uploaded your file, an automated email will be sent to you at the given email address. You need to reply to that message to confirm your email address before your file will be reviewed.

Note that your email address will be listed on the download page, so that others can contact you in case of problems or questions.

CadSoft reserves the right to decide whether or not to make any particular upload available for public download.

Your name: Your real name
Email: Your email address
Organization: Where do you work?
Enter a short (less than 500 characters) description of what your file does (hit Enter twice to start a new line)
The name of the file you want to upload
Which directory would you like to upload your file to?

Please note that depending on the size of your file and the quality and speed of your connection, uploading a file my take a while.
Once the file has been successfully uploaded you will receive a confirmation message.
Please be patient!

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